In-Home Consultation

This extremely popular service is the cornerstone and starting point in prepping any property for sale! 
Following our  detailed tour of your home, you will receive all of our expert recommendations and suggestions on how to present your property at its very best, inside and out!  
Sellers are educated on how to re-package their home. Each client will receive a personalized plan based on their specific needs. 
This assessment will explain what should be completed before the property goes on the market in order to highlight the positive and minimize any less desirable attributes...
Our consultation will address a number of important points, such as:

  • Repairs or improvements that will maximize the “SALE-ABILITY” of your home
  • Paint colour choices (if needed)
  • Furniture placement (or temporary removal to improve traffic flow)
  • Items to pack away (& put into temporary storage)
  • Fixture/Hardware replacement (if needed)
  • Organizing, de-cluttering, de-personalization
  • Improving curb appeal (if needed)
  • Tips on showing your home/property that highlights focal features

Remember: Upon completion of the home consultation - you the home owner, can then choose which of the suggested improvements you wish to complete yourself and which you would like us to help you with (if any!)......  

You want your house to sell quickly and for the highest price possible. You also want the process to be trouble-free. That is what we do for clients every day!

Click here if you have further questions about what we can do to help you.  

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