BEFORE and AFTER GALLERY - some of our recent pre-sale projects .

Create a cleaner more modern look by simply painting windows & doors!

Change of exterior detailing makes a world of difference!

Addition of shutters and change of front door - inexpensive but eye catching difference!

Addition of shutters, change of front door & portico - inexpensive but eye catching difference!

Removal of dated trim, fresh paint and re-staining of hardwood under old!

Breathe new life into dated condo kitchen....see what happens to its value!

A little paint, a little floor stain.....dingy to deluxe!

Dark master bedroom updated with simple addition of expanded closet space, fresh paint & re-staining of original old hardwood flooring. Modest cost - profound change!

Horror-movie basement made inviting with addition of mudroom at bottom of stairs off side entrance! 

Rearrangement of applicances and upgrade of cabinetry turns ho-humm awkward kitchen into crisp modern work space.....

Another dark dingy bedroom updated with simple addition of fresh paint, new flooring and modernized closet space. . Modest cost - profound change!

From a buyers perspective - which basement do you think would sell your house better? Increase your home's value, recapture previously unusable space and take your laundry room out of the middle ages!

Old siding, cheap unsafe railings.....KABOOM! A completely different vibe with updated siding, new deck/railing and cleaned up backyard! 

Out with the old, in with the new!

Remove a wall, change the cabinetry, paint and patch.....

Stylish addition of Ikea shelving and you have organized office space.....

Paint, new flooring & removal of cluttered!

Refinish the fireplace, re-stain hardwood floor and add modern paint colour......this combined with a little staging - WOW!

Scary basement bathroom turns into mother's spa.......

1940's bathroom transformed into 2018 oasis....

Bump out a wall, steal from another room and narrow, tight bathroom is converted into family functional!

Remove stair runner, paint, stain and add funky light - what a conversion!